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Understanding Business Loans

Factors like interest rate and charges can make a big difference in a business loan's overall cost. It can be challenging to understand all the options available in the market to ensure you are getting a competitive product to suit your needs.

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    Secured and Unsecured Business Loans

    Traditional term loans both secured and unsecured

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    Lines of credit (LOC)

    A line of credit can be a great tool to ensure you have always had enough cash to meet unexpected expenses.

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    Invoice Factoring

    Unlock cash from your unpaid invoices and free up capital to reinvest in your business.


How It Works

Work with CashMi and connect with top money lenders in Australia.

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    Complete the Search Form

    Complete the CashMi Search Form. Enter details about the type of finance you are looking for and your business's current situation.

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    Intelligent Loan Search

    The system will automatically return up a list of lenders determined by the details and needs specified on the search form.

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    Choose the right product for you

    From the list of available business loan products, compare interest rates, repayment plans and terms. We make sense of the noise and help you evaluate all of your options.

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Compare Small Business Loans Australia | CashMi

Finding cashflow options to grow a business, especially for SMEs in Australia can be tricky. CashMi makes it easy for you to make sense of your options.

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Farm Equipment Financing | Agricultural Loans Australia | CashMi

When you need a new type of farm equipment or your old equipment just malfunctions. Sourcing for farm equipment loan providers from reputable sites like CashMi has helped Australian farmers replace or buy the needed equipment like tractors, harvesters and trailers.


Compare Business Loans & Funding For Working Capital | CashMi

Get working capital for the day to day running of your business. If you need financing for your immediate business expenses, use CashMi to find available lenders.

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Apply For Business Overdrafts in Australia | CashMi

The use of business overdrafts has formed a common way of funding small and medium-sized businesses in Australia. It is an ideal option for businesses experiencing fluctuating finance requirements.

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Business Line Of Credit For New Business In Australia | CashMi

A business line of credit (LOC) is a business finance option that allows businesses to withdraw up to a stipulated amount of funds. Interest will usually, but not always, only be applied to the amount you withdraw. You can find the available business LOC lenders on CashMi.

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Compare Invoice Discounting Finance Australia | CashMi

Do you need funds urgently but are yet to receive payment from your customers? We can help you search for invoice discounting companies that will help you unlock your cashflows fast.

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Invoice Factoring | Invoice Financing Australia | CashMi

Find lenders who will provide you cash for your unpaid invoices. Unlock the cash flow from your invoices to reinvest in your business.

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Fit-Out Loan Australia | Office Fit-Out Finance | CashMi

Fit-out finance in Australia covers loans for business relocation, refurbishment, and redevelopment. CashMi can help you find lenders to fund your fit-outs irrespective of your business sector.

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Unsecured Business Loans Australia | CashMi

Unsecured business loans are fast becoming a loan type of choice for most Australian business owners. This is because it enables businesses to raise capital without putting their assets in line. It also typically doesn’t require a long-term trading history.

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Plant & Machinery Finance | Heavy Equipment Financing | CashMi

Having the right equipment and machinery is critical for your business. Don't wait for weeks for the big banks to process your applications. Find business lenders who can finance your purchase fast.

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Inventory Financing | Small Business Inventory Loans | CashMi

Search for short-term business lenders to purchase inventory for your business.

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Business Expenses | Business Loan Tax Deductible | CashMi

Whether it be financing a new fit-out, purchasing specialized equipment or any other expsnese. Find lenders who offer credit to professionals in a wide range of industries such as health, law, IT and more.

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