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Understanding Personal Loans

What should you look out for when looking for personal finance? Understanding the terms of personal loans can be challenging, even for the experts!

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    Personal loan interest rates

    Find low rate loans with CashMi

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    Personal loan requirements

    Understand the requirements for getting a personal loan

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    Personal loan repayments

    Repayments on your personal loan are not only impacted but fees and interest, but most importantly the term


How Personal Loan Searches Work

Searching for a personal loan provider on CashMi is easy. Get instant results and find a range of options for all types of borrowers.

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    Complete the Search Details

    It takes just a few seconds. We won't ask for your bank details, and we won't impact your credit file.

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    Intelligent Loan Search

    Results are instant. The system will automatically bring up a list of lenders that meet your search criteria.

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    Compare and choose the right lender for you

    From the list of available personal loan providers, compare interest rates, repayment plans, terms and conditions before picking the one that best suits you.

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Household/White Goods

Do you want to upgrade your household or white goods like refrigerators, dishwashers, freezer, oven, furniture, or more? Find a white goods loan provider with CashMi.

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Online Debt Consolidation Loans Australia | CashMi

Combine all your debts into one loan with a debt consolidation loan. This can helps you manage your debts into one easy repayment and save on interest costs.

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Rental Bond Loans Australia | Personal Loan For Moving | CashMi

Are you seeking extra cash to pay for your rental bond? Find a loan provider that offers funds that will cover your moving costs.

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Home repairs

Sourcing funds for home repairs from Australian banks can prove a herculean task. Many alternative lenders these days offer competitive rates, quick applications and outstanding service.

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Do you feel like your home needs some retouching? Perhaps, you want to increase your balcony space and purchase some more furniture but lack the funding. Find a personal loan provider on CashMi and give your home that upgrade.

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Compare Cosmetic Surgery Personal Loans in Australia | CashMi

Search for a cosmetic surgery loan provider on CashMi. Find finance for your cosmetic surgery and related beauty procedures.


Solar Finance Companies Australia | Green Loans | CashMi

Irrespective of what you do or where you live, energy matters. If you are interested in switching to solar, it is a great step towards reducing your power bill and lowering your greenhouse gas emissions!

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Medical Loans Australia | Medical Payment Plans | CashMi

If you find yourself receiving an unexpected medical bill that you cannot pay, you should first ask the provider if they have payment plans available. In many other situations, financing medical procedures may be a useful alternative.

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Horse Float

Personal loans for horse floats in Australia. Discover lenders who can finance a specialized horse floats.


Jet Ski Loan

CashMi has made it easy for Australians seeking jet ski loan to finance their personal watercraft by connecting them to potential lenders. Check the rates on jet ski financing on CashMi now.



Are you short on cash for a new bicycle? No worries, we can help you find lenders that offer a hassle-free small loan for your bicycle purchase.


Dental Finance Australia | Dental Finance Lenders | CashMi

We are well aware that visiting the dentist can cost a lot of money. However, most times, such visits are inevitable. We will help you discover loan providers that will help you cover the cost of seeing a dentist and for dentistry procedures.



Are you wondering if you should secure a personal loan for purchasing a lawnmower? Why not? If your yard is big, mowing it with an old or faulty lawnmower can be a difficult and long chore. Let's assist you in finding a personal loan provider so you can purchase a new lawnmower.



You can take a break from work and stress and visit your favorite vacation spot. We can help you make that happen even if you don't have the funding at the moment. You only have to search on cashMi for a holiday loan provider to find the right lenders to help you.



Traveling, especially by air over a long distance, can drain you financially, especially when you are not ready for it. Search for lenders for travel expenses with CashMi now.


Student Loans Australia | Cheap Education Loans | CashMi

There are student support loans available for Australians in various lending institutions. We want to help you reach your academic goals and future career plans.



Weddings are significant events that can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. Find personal loans to finance your wedding with CashMi.


Best Car Loans Australia | New Car Finance Lenders | CashMi

Do you want to purchase a new car or a second-hand car for your personal use? Search for car finance at CashMi to find a full range of car finance options.



Unpaid fines can pile up over time. Paying up might seem difficult, especially when your monthly income is not sufficient to pay up at once. You can explore loan options to pay fines with CashMi.


Boat Loans

Loans of various amounts are available if you are seeking funding for a boat purchase. Find loan providers that will cover the cost for a personal watercraft or marine vessel.


Caravan Loan

Are you looking to purchase a caravan for your next adventure? Search caravan loan providers on CashMi and enjoy the flexibility and freedom of having your own caravan.


Motorcycle Finance Australia | Best Bike Loans | CashMi

Are you looking for an upgrade on your motorcycle? Maybe you're looking to purchase your first bike. Search for motorcycle finance with CashMi.



If you are looking for a convenient, fast and affordable trailer loan, you are at the right place. At CashMi, we make it easy and comfortable for you to access a trailer loan provider.


Vehicle Maintenance

Need emergency repairs for your vehicle? Maybe the maintenance was unexpectedly high this year. Search loan providers here who will offer you credit funding for your vehicle maintenance.


Birthday Seasonal Holiday

We will help you discover select lenders for special events like a birthday or a seasonal holiday. Insufficient funding shouldn't be a hindrance to throwing the birthday party you've always wanted.


Used Car Loan Australia | Second Hand Car Finance | CashMi

Do you want to purchase a second-hand car for your personal use? Search for car finance at CashMi to find a full range of car finance options.

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